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Species Acroceras zizanioides
Author (Kunth) Dandy
Family Poaceae
Weed Type Grass
General Habit A widely climbing perennial grass about 90 cm high roots at the lower node, has aerial shoots.
Stem The stem (culm) has upright shoots, is glabrous and much more robust than that of A. amplectus.
Leaf It has lanceolate leaves about 7-13 cm long and 0.8-2 cm wide, which are rounded at the base, clasp the culms and have sharp and pointed tips. The ligule is incospiscuous and the sheath is glabrous except for the margin which may be slightly hairy.
Inflorescence The inflorescence is stiff, has 4-7 branches and is larger than A. amplectens. The spikelets are like those of A. amplectens.
Biology Perennial grass reproduces from seeds or vegetatively from stem shoots.
Ecology A widespread weed of lowland rice and wetland found in both the forest and the savannah zone.
Local weediness Benin: Rare and not abundant. Burkina Faso: Rare and not abundant. Côte d'Ivoire: Rare and not abundant. Mali: Rare and not abundant. Ghana: Frequent and usually abundant. Senegal: Rare and not abundant. Nigeria: Frequent but not abundant. Chad: Frequent but not abundant.
Global control Management options:
Web Links Akobundu I.O. and Agyakwa C.W. (1998). A handbook of West African Weeds. International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Ibadan, Nigeria 70p.
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